My Born again Journey

 At 17 years olds, I had many physical and psychological diseases. So much that the allopathic medicine said they can’t do nothing for me. Facing that, I chose with courage and determination to find the way to get healthy and happy. 

Then, I started this quest with intensity. Quickly, I discovered natural methods, and it brought me back to life. To the foundation of the life: the food we eat. As Hippocrates, the father of the medecine said: « Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. ». I used many tools (new age, psychology, allopathic medecine, etc.), and I felt much better and much better at all levels. But all approach let me hungry. No one of these aproach and tools allowed me to feel God and to develop a relationship with God.   

The angular stone of my evolution was always my thirst for God. It’s what motivated each of my steps. I was able to remember how, as a little girl, I was truly in relationship with God. These memories push me constantly in my quest to find the way to find back this powerful link with God. I was against all religions and sects. During all the time I was in the new age, I was always praying the our Father, the All Mighty God to guide me toward Him. In my work as a therapist, I was always asking God to be a tool exclusively for Him, All Mighty God. After many years, by my perseverance, he answered my prayers. In june 2018, I went praying in nature, and I met a Christian by the Grace of God (with no affiliation to groups, churches or sects). I felt a huge gratitude for this Angel of God. She was put on my path to guide me to read the Bible again and to return to God. She was the spark from God that I needed in order to allow God to come back in my life. In this laic world, I always felt a stranger. But God plans my rebirth since a long time. Then this Spark light in me a huge fire for God, Yahweh.

I began to read the Bible and I was amazed, because I understood what I was reading! Everything makes so much sense, suddenly! Then I want to share with you my passion. I have absolutely no affiliation with groups, religion, churches, or sects. I discovered some Christian, especially anglophones, most of them in USA, from whom I listened to videos, but it’s all. It’ me, simply, humbly, with all my heart and my courage, whom choose to do God’s will: As a watchwoman, as a pathfinder, sparkling the light of God, Yahweh on others. 

I dive in the emptiness. God ask me to be a Testimony of His Presence, it’s the mission he entrusted to me. Then I choose to devote myself in that Mission. I’m on Guard, as a watchwoman, I light the pathway that leads to God to whomever wants to hear and build a relationship with Our Father, Yahweh, Our All Mighty God.

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