The truth about the serpent

I always have been a searcher of the Truth. I did many detour, rich in learning, before to be able to come to the basic: God and his words, the Bible. 

I grew up in a catholic family, believer in God. Little girl, I had a deep faith in God. But during my adolescence, I put away my faith, because I tried to be « normal ». I was suffering a lot, and I had no idea of how to be free from that. Teenager, I turned slowly toward the new age. But, this didn’t heal my physical body nor my spirit, nor my psychological suffering, but it improved enough to have a good quality of life. I studied most religions. I chose to observe religion with neutrality, with a critical eye. I realized  quickly how the catholic religion are absurd. 

Obviously, there are exceptions! Some people, some priest, some catholic teachers fed my fire for God with their faith. I am very grateful to all of them! But here I am talking in general. I found it did not make sense to me that the Bible teaches about the soul, but the catholic church never taught us how to be as a soul. I discovered that this religions push us to denigrate ourself, and didn’t teach us at all, how to become peaceful and really happy. The catholic religion never taught to us how to develop a relationship, a communication with God, but to be afraid of the « avenger God ». This religion didn’t teach us how to read the Bible in order to understand it, but just to listened the preaching of a priest at church, and put that in the garbage when we go out from the church. 

My eyes opened, and I became completely against the catholic religion with its indoctrination, its hypocrisy, abuse of power, sexual abuses, etc. In fact, I became against all religions and I turned completely toward the new age and I taught yoga and meditation. I chose my beliefs as I wished, with what made sense for me. At least, that is what I believed at the time. 

Now, I realized that I was simply indoctrinated by the new age. I just fell completely in that trap. The new age are a monumental, monstrous deception. As with me, a lot of people, Québécois, Canadians, and people from all around the world, turned from the catholic religion (or other religions) dive in the new age or turned atheist. But me, I always believed in God, then it was impossible for me to consider myself an atheist. The society tries by many means, to cut us from the real faith in God, but fortunately, I didn’t felt in that trap. By persevering in my faith, I recovered my relationship with God.  

Today, I am aware that by avoiding the trap of the catholic religion, I felt in the trap of the new age. And why am I talking about the new age deception? For many, many reasons that I can’t explain here in one shot. First, it is a hypocritical and disguised  religion. We think we are out of any religions, but we are deeply in the new age religion. One religion which give the delusion to unify all human beings, one religion to control everybody. That made me think about the movie  the Lord of the ring: « a ring to rule them all ». I suggest to you to read the news concerning the pope’s actions and declarations during  the last few months. 

I consider myself an expert in the yoga, the meditation and the new age in general, because I studied, practiced and have been teaching them since 1998 very intensively. I confirmed you that we can’t extract religions from meditation and yoga. One thing that has always put me on my guard, was that their foundation are to awake the kundalini energy, represented as a serpent at the bottom of the spine. Often, I thought that this serpent could be the serpent of Adam and Eve, but I was never able to find information on that subject until last summer. 

I confirmed to you, the serpent of the new age is the same serpent which tempted Adam and Eve. I confirmed to you: it’s impossible to extract the serpent from the new age, including in yoga and meditation. This serpent is The foundation of the new age. I found that very deceitful, because I did yoga, meditation and a lot of new age technics with such beautiful intentions. My purposes were filled with inconditional love and the intent of  peace on earth. Unify all religions in order to love each other. Stopped the wars because of ethnic or religious differences! What a beautiful plan! A beautiful lying speech. A lot of people turned to new age as I did. It’s more and more popular. But if the foundation are the serpent, that would mean that we are listening to the speech of the serpent. And the talk of the serpent are perfidious.

For a moment, think to Adam and Eve… Does the serpent want to treat them well? Did he tell them truth? What does he promises?  He said to Eve:

« Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods ». (Genesis 3:4-5, KJV)

Then, they listened to the serpent rather then God. The serpent is the worst of the advisor. Does the serpent want the good for us? No! Does he speek the truth? No! Remember that the serpent is the father of all the lies! (John 8:44). The serpent lied to Eve. The serpent lied to push Eve and Adam to transgress the laws of God, to make them fall from the Garden of Eden and the security in God as a refuge. It’s « strange », but the deception of the new age promises exactly to become god. Because God is in us, « we are god », the new age said. And they say we are suppose to have to activate things in us in order to be the god. Developed our divinity, in order to co-create our life, and our reality.  

What the new age englobes are very large, and are everywhere: the law of the attraction, yoga, meditation, reiki, all energetic healing, divination, etc. Analyzed it by yourself. The story repeats itself, it’s very clear! The serpent lies again, and promises us to become god. The same lie, by the same serpent. 

Then with all those revelations I chose to come completely out of the new age. I know, the new age teachings are so popular in our society. It’s « in », it’s cool, glamour and everything. But it’s just a lie, a total deception. Now I observe clearly this deception. You have to know that the more I did yoga, the more and more I had strange back pains. Few times, I had to stay in my bed for a few days because all the back of my body was blocked in pain. When I got this suffering, I thought : « I will have to do more yoga », even if I did a lot of yoga. Today, my eyes are opened and I know the cause of this suffering was the yoga and meditation. And I discovered many people whom experiment similar things, which confirmed to me my awareness. I am not the only one who experiment that and connected the dots. Since I stopped, I have less and less back pain. 

One other important element: one of the commandments of God are to not bow the knees to other gods or idols. And we do that when we do yoga, meditation, even if we know about it or not, even if we are conscious or not. We worship the serpent and some statues and photo (I didn’t do that, but I had statues as decoration. But I had statutes!).  Most religions and philosophies of the Orient (hindouism, Egypt, etc.) push us toward the sun god. For example, in yoga, the warm-up that we do usually, at each course was named: Surya Namaskar: « sun salutation ». One day, I felt this link while I did yoga, then I stopped for a period of time to do the sun salutation. I felt that without being aware of it, I worship the sun god, and this god seems to be a serpent! But, more and more I say to myself: « maybe it’s a paranoïa, hihihi! It’s not possible that everybody who is doing yoga worshipped, without awareness, the sun god, the serpent! ».  Then I started again a little bit to do the sun salutation at one point. 

Today, I realized that it was the Holy Spirit whom reveals that to me. He reveals clearly to me the truth. Then, one year after, I discovered that the Bible warns us multiple times to not worship the sun god.(Deuteronomy 17:2-5, 4:19, Ezechiel 8:16, 2Kings 23:5-11, etc). One plus one equal two! Isn’t because we don’t know the consequences and the effects of what we do, that it does not have effects!

Then, as a Watchwoman, I act as a Gardian of the Truth, and I choose to proclaim the Truth, so that whomever has ears to hear can understand. Then whomever chooses to exit the deception will find speech and testimony, to help them to be aware of what happens sneakily.

Jesus said: 

« Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. »

(Matthew 7:15, KJV)

Warning, I never said that the yoga and meditation teachers are ravening wolves! Some are, but it’s like in everything, hihihi! Generally, they just don’t know, like I didn’t know. Then I am warning those who wants to hear, and guide them to wake up, because I would haved like that somebody told me the truth in 1998 when I begun the yoga and meditation. Most of yoga and meditation teachers are pushed by wonderful intents: to guide people to feel much better. And I was like them before. In a pure innocence, devoid of these essential knowledge. But, without knowing that, as a teacher, I was teaching the knowledge of the serpent… And I am very sorry for that, forgive me please. To maximize the confusion, we have to know that the serpent’s doctrine are knitted with a lot of threads of truth (eat healthy, do exercice, breathing, stretching, etc.) on a canvas of lies. The new age are a misleading, a deceiver.

Do you know about the experiment done on frogs? They put a frog in a pot with cold water. The frog lounging in the water. But, very slowly, imperceptibly, they increase the temperature of the water. They increase, increase the temperature, until the frog died, cooked in a water too hot. Then, I am very happy to wake up from that hypnotic transe! The frog realized that the water began to get too warm. Glory to God, I had the courage to get out to the pot. Are you willing to get out of the pot? 

I know I will not be the most appreciated from the public to tells these truths. But I take courage and I choose to proclaim it in order to help people to wake up from that delusion. I proclaim the truth because God ask me to me a watchwoman. I do my part, then you have the choice to test by the spirit by yourself, whether to accept or to refuse the information. 

As we say: I threw away the baby with the bath water… While I reject the catholicism, I threw away the Bible. But now, I realized my mistake. Since last june, I red and studied the Bible. I have no pretension. I don’t have theology diploma, nothing. I am a woman whom has choosen to let God guide me. With humility, I learn to let God manifest Himself by me, to let His Holy Spirit lived in me and express Himself by me. I have a lot to learn! But my journey gave me the wisdom to return to God and to follow His rules. It’s a path of discovering. Each and every day, God teaches me, and I learn to receive His teaching the best I can. Then, humbly, I am a Watchwoman of the truth, a Pathfinder to wake up people who wants to awaken. 

May God bless you and teach you the narrow path!

Lyne Larocque, M. Sc., Guide Serenity-Vitality for God’s Warrior !

Thanks to share in his integrality! All rights reserved.

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